Elocution, Accent Softening, Vocal Clarity, Public Speaking and Business Presentation Coaching

Are you happy with the sound of your voice?

Do you feel anxious about speaking in public?

Are you easily understood when you speak?

Do you need to deliver effective, persuasive and successful business and sales presentations?

Do you want to improve educational and career prospects and feel your voice is holding you back?

Vocal Integrity can help you with all these and other vocal issues - contact us now. You can also sign up for our free Vocal Tips Newsletter.

Vocal Integrity

At Vocal Integrity, we believe your voice is integral to your self confidence and success in life. What ever your age or situation our highly experienced team addresses a broad spectrum of vocal skills for individuals and for business. Through our coaching you will learn to speak with confidence, clarity and expression and where required to give effective business presentations and speak confidently in public.

Our work is also vital for developing life skills in children and young people, providing a wonderful basis for their future development. We provide, 1 to 1 tuition, Group tuition, Business workshops and online tuition via Skype. Combining decades of teaching and direct business experience, our tuition meets the highest standards of London Academies and accreditation can be achieved if required. Enter your details to the right to sign up to our free Vocal Tips Newsletter or call us on the number at the top of this page for further information and to book a session.

As part of our determination to raise the agenda of providing one of the most important life skills – that of effective communication – to people everywhere we have formed a link with ICAN and a percentage of our profits each month go to support the work of this wonderful charity. See link below.

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