Accent softening



Are you having trouble being understood when you speak?

Do you feel inhibited by your accent?

Maybe you feel your accent is heavy and people may be having difficulty understanding you. Do you feel this is detrimental to your career and could be holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Vocal Integrity tailored training will help you gain the following skills:

► More concise voice production
► Improved diction
► Clearer vowel production
► Vocal confidence
► Develop vocabulary (if required)
► Add vocal expression
► Tailored exercises to suit your needs
► Clearer speech


I would like to acknowledge the support and work ethic by Mrs Theaker. Coming from an Asian background, the speech therapy and vocal lessons I underwent were excellent. They have helped me over the last 25 years through my working career and my private life. I have gained a successful banking career, meeting and interacting with clients. I highly recommend Mrs Theaker. – Sanjeev Takyar


Our tuition consists of a flexible number of 60-minute lessons. Lessons are held on a 1 to 1 basis but groups can also be arranged. Please call 0845 456 9251 or email for further information and to book your consultation.

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