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Elocution Lessons for children

The gift of self-expression and confidence is one of the most important things you can give to your child and will last them their whole life long. It has been proven time and again that eloquent, self-assured children grow into successful, leading members of society – these valuable life skills can be acquired through tuition with Vocal Integrity. Our tailor made tuition for young people is designed with fun and imagination in mind. Making exercises entertaining yet challenging, the imagination is captured and skills are mastered without being realized!

Every young person is different and we alter our tuition to suit how a child learns, their strengths and weaknesses, and their aims. For example, one young person may come to us because of a lack of confidence and an inability to socialize with other children, whereas another may have a speech issue and want to correct it at an early age but have no problem with their confidence in speech.

During their sessions with Vocal Integrity, your child will cover the following aspects:

► Imagination exercises short, fun improvisations of mimes and short stories.
► Reading aloud – We ensure your child is easily understood when they speak, understanding all of the words they are reading, and are able to pronounce them correctly.
► Diction exercises – We work to ensure your child maintains correct vocal habits (not missing the ends of words when speaking and forming sounds correctly).
► The importance of vowels – Vowels are the carrying power of the voice and to be easily understood when speaking, our vowels must be formed correctly.


The skills acquired through our tuition holds the following benefits for young people:

► Overcoming shyness and nerves
► Developing self-esteem
► Improving reading ability
► Broadening vocabulary and an understanding of the English language.
► Developing self-expression and a stronger sense of direction.
► Clear and concise speech that is easily understood by all.

*Please note we do not teach children under 8 years of age


Our tuition consists of a flexible number of 60-minute lessons. Lessons are held on a 1 to 1 basis but groups can also be arranged. Please call 0845 456 9251 or email enquiries@vocalintegrity.co.uk for further information and to book your consultation.

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