Public Speaking Coaching



Need advice and support on having to give a talk in public?

Nervous about speaking at a forthcoming wedding or other special occasion?

Vocal Integrity coaching in Public Speaking will improve your confidence in any speaking situation. Our carefully structured syllabus develops core vocal skills that will help you overcome nerves, reduce strain on the voice and sound clear, confident and in control.

Depending on your needs, Vocal Integrity tailored training covers the following skills:

► Engaging an audience
► Writing and structuring speeches
► Special occasion speeches
► General public speaking
► Vocal health for those who use their voice in work
► Effective one to one communication
► Introductions and votes of thanks
► Answering questions
► Audience communication
► Confident posture and body language
► Overcoming nervousness


“I would like to say a massive thank you to Maureen, she has been an inspiration to me in more ways than one. She gave me the confidence to make the opening speech at my daughters wedding. She is also a fantastic advertisement for your services. I will be keeping in touch in the future, but will bring you both a slice of wedding cake in way of a thank you.”

Josie Stevenson – MD Midland Power Press Services


Our tuition consists of a flexible number of 60-minute lessons. Lessons are held on a 1 to 1 basis but groups can also be arranged. Please call 0845 456 9251 or email for further information and to book your consultation.

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