Voice Coaching For General Vocal Confidence



Have you been living with a speech fault that has affected your confidence?

Is your child having difficulties with speech that you’d like to address?

Are you loosing sleep over a forthcoming presentation?

Do you consciously avoid any situations where you fear you may be called upon to speak in public

Do you fear meeting new people?

Speech issues can be disastrous to your self-esteem and self confidence.

Our feelings and our speech patterns are deeply connected. Speaking is a fundamental skill that affects every aspect of our life. One of the most important discoveries in Neuroscience over the past 30 years is to confirm that ensuring our emotional needs are met in balance is fundamental to our happiness and success. Nearly all our fundamental physical and emotional needs are dependant to some extent on our ability to speak to others confidently and clearly. Indeed our entire life is founded on way or another on this ability. Take a moment to reflect on just how much you depend on your ability to effectively communicate in your personal life with friends and family and in your working life too and you will soon realise just how very fundamental this skill is.

Speaking clearly and confidently and communicating successfully with others can be learned with practise. Sadly in our schools today many children are not afforded the opportunity to learn this skill and grow into adults that experience a range of problems stemming from a fundamental lack of confidence in speaking.

However these problems are often straightforward to fix. Although ideally caught young, even adults, with a bit of practise, can soon learn new and important vocal habits that allow them to break the vicious circle of failing confidence and lack of vocal clarity.

So it really is the case that learning the basic skills of clear speech will allow you to feel happier and more confident as you will be able to more readily be understood and express your ideas clearly to others. Naturally communication is two way and it is important to understand that vocal confidence also includes the skill of effective listening. Also it is vital to structure your talk or presentation in a manner that is clear and readily understood by your audience and gets your message across. All this is best achieved when you are in control of your nerves.

Vocal Integrity courses on vocal confidence include some or all of the following elements;

► How to achieve a state of calm and relaxation before speaking in public
► How to build rapport with an audience
► How to ensure your voice sounds clear and confident
► How to conduct conversations
► How to look after your voice
► How to plan out effective talks and construct clear ideas that you can communicate effectively

Our tuition consists of a flexible number of 60-minute lessons. Lessons are held on a 1 to 1 basis but groups can also be arranged. Please call 0845 456 9251 or email enquiries@vocalintegrity.co.uk for further information and to book your consultation.

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