Voice in Business



Have you an important business presentation to give?

Are you facing an important interview?

Do you need to improve your Sales Presentations and general technique?

Have you ever wondered how you come across when you are presenting to a gathering?

Vocal Integrity voice coaching for business will improve your career prospects, ensure you sell your ideas more effectively and sound confident to clients.

Using tried and tested techniques we will build your confidence and show you how to inspire and enchant so that when you communicate, people really will take notice. Our coaching will ensure that both what you say and how you say it are made as effective as possible.

The new you will be able to use your new techniques of presentation to vastly improve your career prospects, sell your ideas and products more effectively and win over prospective clients.

The need to get your message across powerfully and persuasively was never truer than when you are making presentations within the world of business.

Here are just a few of the things we can help you with:

► Captivating business presentations
► Being heard and holding your own in a meeting
► Engaging with your audience
► Developing strong, confident body language
► Telephone skills that build rapport
► Improving your use of visual aids
► Effective and winning customer service techniques
► Interviews and interviewing skills
► How to plan, write and deliver powerful business presentations that communicate your passion and persuade your listeners.
► How to deliver persuasive sales presentations and conduct positive sales meetings

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